Installation Instructions

They're two ways we recommend installing decals. We use the dry method for smaller decals and/or easily placed and installed decals. We recommend the wet method for decals that must be aligned, that way enabling you to move the decal to align and center on the desired surface. We recommend the wet method on large stickers as well to insure no air bubbles and easy installation. 

Dry Method

First make sure you have a dry place and no wind to install your decal. After you have cleaned your desired surface area, you now need to decide where you want to center your decal in the area you cleaned. Use a measuring tape to measure from different spots to ensure proper alignment. Be aware after you stick it, you might can not undo it and use it again, since it can separate the design or text from each other.

Wet Method

Buy a $1 spray bottle at your dollar store or remove liquid from an existing spray bottle. Put ONE drop of soap in it and fill with water and shake. Spray the desired surface and the sticky side of the decal  and then apply the decal. You can then move the decal and position it as you please.

Waiting... yes this is the hardest part, because most people are so impatient that they can't wait and they mess up the decal by removing the transfer tape too early! The best way to allow your decal to dry is out in the sun, having it in the shade or in a cool place will only make it take longer. You can also spray the decal transfer tape once or twice within 30 minutes to loosen up the transfer tape adhesive allowing for easy removal with the decal attached to the surface.


If you'd like more info we suggest watching tutorial videos on YouTube.